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Surge Aquos

Rank: Founder
Online: 6 years ago
Joined: Apr 07, 2012
Nick Name: Lykusiah
Gender: Male
Country: United Kingdom
I'm just another guy trying to get along with life...By standing out from the crowd.
I spend a lot of time doing creative things, and when I'm not reading, writing, drawing, playing a game, at school, doing homework, sleeping, eating, watching anime, making a video for youtube, posting on forums, or sitting in a tree...I'm out of place (okay, there may be a few things I might have missed)

I first stumbled across AE in summer 2006, and it didn't take me long for guardianship ( i think it was less than a month) and have frequently played their games since. I;m a member on all of them apart from MQ (I like the idea, just not the battle style) I am a founder in both ED and AQW.

Offline, i'm the quiet, boring (apparently) smart person, with a small circle of friends in comparison to some (but I could trust my life in the hands of the friends I do have.)
Missed anything? Ah, yes. I'm also a wolf therianthrope (don't know the word? look it up)

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