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#6137036 May 17, 2012 at 07:55 PM
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Well, the site has been up for a while, and yet it hasn't yet had anything on it. So today I decided to work on it a little bit, and invite members to start adding threads and posts!

The site has had a few changes; First off, the site no longer is registered under the free 30 days premium package when it was created, and so we now have ads. Although we'd prefer to not have them, until we have more members and more forum activity, we've decided not to pay for the premium yet.

Secondly, the new LEGACY race has been added. For the time being, if you have any characters with races that use legacy to play as a normally restricted class, you can use this. Later on, we will add LEGACY(race), but since we only have 3 level 50s at this time, we feel it is not yet too important.

Finally, the Latest Posts now shows up on the right hand side under the shout box, and new forum headers have been added.

One final announcement is regarding forum colours. As you can see, the colour of my font is different to usual, and this is because of BBCode colouring. This can simply be done by writing
[color=colorhere] your text [/color] there are some restrictions though, anf this may change at a later date, but:
1)Only 1 colour per person (e.g if Rurruk uses pink, no one else should)

If we receive a large number of members suddenly, we may add level/rank restrictions to coloured text. Colours that can be used with BB are listed here.

Besides that, here's a link to a useful SWTOR signature maker, compliments of Enjin!
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