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Hello all! This is a quick note that I'm going to make after the events of a recent run of Colicoid Wargames with Rurruk, Hoover, myself and a guest by the name of Lidiana.

Unlike most flashpoints, you can't just wing it with three people when there's a large level difference between themselves and the flashpoint. Why? Because the first part of the flashpoint involves 4 laser turrets to fend off hordes of colicoids. The best way to utilise these turrets is rather than firing forward conventionally (the position they face when you mount up) but instead to turn around and face inwards, so instead you are covering the back of the person opposite you. This tactic gives you a larger range, and makes it easier to deal with the colicoids. It may be hard for some people to trust their partner, but if you keep on firing at the enemies behind them and they do the same, you'll be fine.

There are also colicoid droids which appear, and they should take priority over standard colicoids since they are ranged, and will start dealing damage sooner than the rest.

Next, there will be a few enemies to deal with. The simplest way will be to stun one and deal with the others first, focusing on targets to maximise damage. The enemies aren't too strong so long as you focus and work together.

Eventually, you'll encounter a maze with computers that disable blast shields. First off, you'll need to deal with the champion level droid. There are two things to be wary of: The flame traps and his knockback effect. The flame trap will engulf set areas with flames for a while before calming down and lighting again - avoid stepping in these to prevent unnecessary damage. With the knockback, you need to ensure you aren't facing the edge, since the knockback can push you off to your deaths.

The computer panels each disable a blast shield each, and after enabling you have 2 minutes until it will close, and the player who stays will have to enable it again. The first one isn't sealed by any door, so once the enemy guarding the second panel is defeated and it is in use, they can leave and help the others. Each time a panel is opened, another must enter to trigger the next, until the final one disables them all. Another maze comes up later as well, with another pushback droid, and the same principle applies.

Once nearing the end, you will encounter a Republic team, and have the option to slice your machine and kill them, or leave the machine and fight them. Since the option to kill them won the roll, I can't tell you anything more about that yet.

In the final arena, you'll face 2 Nexu and an Aacklay. They all have boss immunity, so you can't stun one while you fight the others, although only the two nexu will charge you first, so deal with them before continuing to the Aacklay. It should be easy so long as you focus on a single target at a time.

The final boss enters the arena from where you did, and starts off as an average boss. However, its AOE attack can deal out some seriously heavy damage, and so must be avoided at all costs.

If anyone else has more hints, tips, or details on this matter, just comment and I'll add them.

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