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Important In-game updates

Server Transfers

The Order of Boolean is moving to The Red Eclipse server! The Order of Boolean will be kept until free server transfers are over, or deemed otherwise. If you also transfer, feel free to join again! Just send us a message either in-game to "Cor'sa...
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General Discussion

A song to describe your character.

For some unknown reason i started thinking about this a few weeks ago and have decided its about time for everyone to pick a song which describes they character the best, mine would have to be Nobody - Skindred so what about you everyone else what...
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Site and Forum Updates

17/5/2012 - Site Update

Well, the site has been up for a while, and yet it hasn't yet had anything on it. So today I decided to work on it a little bit, and invite members to start adding threads and posts! The site has had a few changes; First off, the site no longer i...
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Colicoid Wargames

Hello all! This is a quick note that I'm going to make after the events of a recent run of Colicoid Wargames with Rurruk, Hoover, myself and a guest by the name of Lidiana. Unlike most flashpoints, you can't just wing it with three people when th...
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Sith Inquisitor theory crafting.

I believe Min-Maxing is important, gaining every possible advantage and little extra amount from your character is a great thing to do. By playing a tank this is something that I personally have to do regularly to ensure i'm going to keep taking t...
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